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After a hard day of work, nothing beats a good massage, a hot cup of Swiss Miss Chocolate Drink with Marshmallows, and a kiss from good old wifey. Don’t mind the last part though if you are living in solitude and not really happy about it. But hey, there’s no need to feel crappy and all that, for there is beauty in solitude. There are awesome things you get from solitude. The best part, you get to focus more on your favorite porn series and be absorbed to the different worlds they depict. And just in case you’re missing out on a lot already, let us talk about one of my most favorite porn site called Black TGirls.

How Your Black Mother Met Me

With a premiere back in 2012, How Your Black Mother Met has gone a very long way in the Black TGirls discount porn site, which I so call channel. Amazing enough, it continues to grow in its viewership ratings and I wouldn’t come to doubt that. For one, I am a patron of the sitcom and because I am some lonesome wolf who never really gets to tag along with people knowing for a fact that it just leads me to killing them (kidding, though… more like getting them weirded out), I get to enjoy every episode to a point that I have become a part of the gang that even the nosiest Keena McBlack doesn’t even know. Now in its peak season and halfway through it, big revelations are surfacing every episode. And ted, he’s finally about to meet the mother of his children, the wife he will share his life with for better or for worse. While the characters are already getting old (except for Gina Blacksmith who doesn’t seem to be showing even a tad bit of crumple on her face), the show doesn’t. 

In the latest episode, ready your poppers for there are totally mind blowing truths that prevail. As Smyrna Blackwood gets ultimately drunk, she loses control of keeping her mouth shut and telling exactly the truth of what her friends ask him about. You will also learn what his job is all about and I bet you’ve been itching to know since then. It’s somewhere along the line of free prostitution, where she earns just because people forcibly tip her. Basically, in the show, you will see her fucking white and black guys throughout the day. As long as they have abs, they’re good for her. 

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