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Do you have an innate fancy for big, strong butts as they ride hot, wild cocks? Praying for a website with lots of butt action? Well, your prayers have been answered, all thanks to the superb content available on Buttman. The brainchild of John Stagliano, the true lover of ass, Buttman offers you an exhaustive collection of butt videos, each of which promise to give you something way more than you could ever imagine.

Some good points:

  • Access to 20 websites under one banner. With so much to view, there will be hardly any shortage of asses. Each model will have well trimmed asses, parading in front of you in the pics and the videos.
  • You get to serenade your senses with the wide collection of 741 videos. Each of the videos is available in download and streaming options; you can choose to check them out as per your convenience.
  • The content is HD, which makes the videos and pics really awesome. With such realistic content available at your mind’s disposal, what else can you crave for?
  • Each video will see girls satisfying her ass’s libido with sex toys, bananas, or other types of fruits. Yes, very rarely will you guys in the videos, for the focus is solely on the women’s butthole. There is nothing better than self pleasure.
  • If you are faint hearted, then its best not to enter the website. The content is extremely hardcore and some of the videos may contain ass fucks and brutal videos which may or may not suit everyone’s fancy. If you’re looking for some normal content, then this is not the site for you. However if you are looking for a deal, the buttman promo code should suffice.
  • Check out the wide range of ass action in the sets of photos available on the website. You can scroll through 291 photo sets, each of which offer different ass plays and ass action.


While the content and the idea behind the content may tickle some people’s fancy, many others may not think too highly of the ass action. So depending on what your need is, you can check out the videos and the pics so that you know what you’re getting into.

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