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My Friends Hot Mom is where milfs get their fill of hard pricks. It is where milfs please young gals and boys who are either their son’s or daughter’s friends. The action is very entertaining and we were hot and ready to review this fantasy-themed site of hot milfs!

The older and sexy gals (or seductive milfs if you prefer) are in their 30’s but they still have lots of sensuality in them that makes them go after young studs and gals. The theme being driven through every video and picture inside this site is old gal on younger stud. Things get very hot and hardcore very fast!

The hot videos inside transpires in streaming and downloading options that include formats like windows media, flv, mp4, mobile and QuickTime. You will see different sizes from which you can make your selection. You will have high definition quality films to select from this site.

When you check the picture gallery, there are sets that have high res quality that need your horny fantasy-filled attention! These pictures of milfs sexing long pricks can be yours if you download them using the ZIP file. The last good news we want to give you is that the site keeps adding milfs and milfs every week with weekly updates. Okay, maybe that’s not the last good thing about these guys since they also have well over 492 galleries of pictures and 492 plus films of hot hardcore milfs fucking!

This site flies under the expert hands of a massive network going by the NAUGHTY AMERICA network. This network is known for its exemplary production and wickedly desirable babes that they showcase. They have a good solid reputation and this site shows you why this reputation is so freaking solid!

The collection inside of the hot 40 and 30 something ladies, sucking, fondling, and having orgasms, is truly something every milf lover (like us) needs to experience. It is provocative, thrilling, and very capable of making you ooze and squeeze lots of jizz out of your pecker! If you are one of the many that loves teens, be sure to check out the Team Skeet discount we have got as well.

The milfs are very enthusiastic in pleasing their young lovers and getting pleasure from their son’s friend. They also take things into their own hands when matters begin spinning out of control. There is a sense of “take-charge-milf­-and-screw-that-young-stud-brains-out” inside this site.

There is straight up blowjobs, anal, pussy penetrations, toy play, big asses, lingerie, boobs, and other hardcore niches involving slutty milfs and eager young pricks. The quality of the production is oozing out in every film you see inside. Other sites on the NAUGHTY AMERICA (N.A) network offer you coed, more milfs, Latina, maids, teachers and other fantasies for you to sin and jizz as you please!

Whatever you desire to see you will find it easily inside this site. You will find the update information, video and pic galleries, and thumbnails all neatly laid out for you. You will not struggle with this evil site! You will have options, fast servers for downloading and streaming, and all the quality that N.A network is known for.

Milfs and sex is a staple food that My Friends Hot Mom delivers with incredible precision. If your fantasy is hardcore milf oriented, come and drink your fill inside this premium porn site. Absolutely no disappointments here!

Dirty Masseur Discount


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Dirty Masseur comes to you with a plan that definitely works. They want to offer you sex and oil and more sex not necessarily in that order! Simple but surprisingly very effective plan if you ask us.

The hot pornstars, who are on the table, naked, might initially just want a rubdown. But, as the oil and fingers move up and down and sideways, they get too horny and they simply must blow off some steam! The only way to do that is to have lots of hardcore sex.

There are some 135+ films inside the gallery that show how massage end up being slippery sex. The videos are sort of long since they last for 40 minutes. You will see film formats like windows media, mp4, mpeg, flv, psp/iPod, and there are downloading and streaming features you can use. The videos that offer the best viewing quality are high definition 720p quality.

There are some 135 picture galleries with 600 pics in a set. You have ZIP archives and live chat functions.

This site is very well made and is part of the larger master of porn called BRAZZERS network. The simplicity of how they tackle the issue of oily massage, big boobs babes, sex, and long pricks might be one of the reasons why this site is so good. They have collected a nice list of models and pornstars, which you can look at when you use the model index. And one of the strongest attributes of joining this site might be what users get in return for the membership fee. Since they are linked to BRAZZERS, you get access to the Dirty Masseur discount network with membership to this site. We can see you all doing back flips, salivating at just how lucky you are, and how much porn you will have thanks to your membership to this site! Yep, we see you!

One place they might fall a bit short is the site design. We were expecting something with a bit more flexibility but what they have is simple and functional. They give you all the videos in a nice manner ensuring you get the hardcore-sex and massage sessions your loins and muscles are yearning for. They also offer some description and info but this is all limited stuff. There was also no clear information on how often they update the action, so, we hope that they will take these points into consideration and do something about it!

This site is straight pornstar hardcore action. The fact that oils and sexy slippery bodies are used to make the material only makes matters more erotic. They have enough material and high quality production (HD). Dirty Masseur can feed your fantasy for hot hardcore massage sex action, check them out!

Lets Try Anal Discount


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Hardcore anal fucking has always been popular, but Lets Try Anal has managed to do something slightly different. You see, this is not just about somebody taking a cock in their ass, but instead it is more about the fact that the chicks you see on here are taking it in the ass for the very first time.

Losing That Anal Cherry.

Yep that’s right. These chicks have never before had a cock fuck them hard in the ass, but that is all about to change. You get to see the absolute sheer enjoyment that they get from this cherry being taken and you just know that they wish that they had done it earlier. By the end of the scenes it is cool to see just how much enjoyment they are getting out of it.

Linked With Mofos For More Porn.

Considering they have not been active for that long, and that is why there are less than 100 scenes, then it makes you feel as if you are getting more for your membership. It also lets you know that the quality of the content is going to be first class and you can see that when you even just land on the home page to check out the tour.

Amateurs, But Pros At What They Do.

The site makes a big deal of it being full of amateurs taking it in the ass, but do you want to know something? They are like well established porn stars with the way that they willingly take a cock in that tight hole. We are talking about them getting the guy hard, opening their legs, fucking, and then having that mind blowing orgasm at the end. What else could you want from a site like this?

Lets Try Anal is one of those porn sites where you wish that you had come up with the idea. It is all well shot, the action is hot, and you get to see something precious, which is a hot chick losing her anal cherry. Maybe your partner could be up for it when she sees their reaction?

Teens Love Huge Cocks Discount


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Is there any need to actually explain what this site is about? With a name such as Teens Love Huge Cocks it is pretty obvious that this site is just crammed full of hot teen chicks that love nothing more than to be fucked with guys with massive dongs.

Tight And Loving It.

They might be teens, but they seriously know how to fuck. Their young tight pussies love to be pounded nice and hard time after time and how hot and horny is that? They love nothing more than to just open their legs and show their holes before that huge dick is shoved right in and give them the fuck of their life.

Made By Reality Kings.

The site is actually made by Reality Kings, so of course that means that it is going to have quality content right from the very beginning. They have always produced scenes that are well shot, in HD, and basically offer you the best content out there and the site itself is also so well laid out that moving around is as easy as pie.

Fucking Hard And Hardcore.

So do you want to know the kind of action that you are going to see in their membership section? Basically, it is every position possible, hardcore anal, oral, solo, cum shots, and some of the best teen orgasms you are ever likely to see. Yes it is as good as it sounds.

It Might Be Small, But Size Doesn’t Count.

Of course I am talking about the amount of content because it does have under 100 scenes, but hey they are updating more regularly and anyway they are part of a massive porn network, so there is a lot more to it than just this one site and you need to keep that in mind before you go ahead and get all disappointed.

Yep There Are Bonuses Galore.

Reality Kings are massive, so you are actually going to get to check out action from over 30 different websites. This bonus has to be one of the best out there right now and considering the amount of content on this one site is quite low it does certainly save the day,

In short, if you love this kind of porn, then Teens Love Huge Cocks is an absolute must for you. Don’t believe me? Then go check it out yourself.

Moms Bang Teens Discount


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Moms Bang Teens is just as nasty and hardcore as you think it is. This site has been made by the same minds that came up with REALITY KING NETWORK. The premise is as simple as it sounds. The title tells it all!

Milfs hook up and get all sexy and hardcore with teens. What is not simple (in any form or nature) is the production, the quality, and the level of milf-eroticness that the material brings to your computer screen. If you have this thing for milfs, and you like watching them seduced, or do the seducing which leads to lots of sex, you definitely will love this site. 

The site has 35 videos and 35 picture galleries. They definitely need to really increase these numbers if they want more members. They really don’t have an excuse since they came online in 2012. The reason they have such low and very dismaying numbers is the updating schedule they have chosen. Currently they only do one or two updates every month. Come on guys! You need to do better! 

The small amount of movies inside normally takes thirty minutes from start to finish. The material inside has a plotline, some good milf acting, some beautiful sex action, and all the other ingredients that makes for high quality porn! They also try very much to make the scenes unique and different.

In most of them, you receive your smoking sexy milf, your horny lucky stud, and your young tight gal! All three get naked and hardcore freaky leading to orgasms, and lots of cum flow! The movies are so good, after you stream them, you will want to download them (both options are doable!)  They also have high definition quality videos, so that’s one good thing you can look forward to! The images are clear. You can downloads (ZIP file), or use the online slideshow feature.

The biggest draw and consolation for new members joining this site is the network wide freedom you receive. This means you can go to any of the 42 bonus sites for more material. There are many niches to explore including other milf niche sites. 

The biggest reason why anyone would recommend joining the relatively small sized Moms Bang Teens is the bonus you receive. It’s not a bad site and it does have quality milf niche material, but it’s just so small and needs to add material so that it can draw more fans! That is the simple truth!

Shes Gonna Squirt Discount


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Shes Gonna Squirt is from the beautiful and high-quality network by the name of BRAZZERS. If you have seen any of the material that these guys have made over the years, you know how good and sensual they can get. If you have no clue of who these guys are, this site is a nice introduction that will quickly educate you on all that they have to offer. 

As the site name implies, the ladies and porn stars and models inside are all squirters, so get ready for some wetness! Some will only have trickles for you, but others will flood you with long jest of juices. Everything gets wet inside this site, from the performers, to the camera, to the models!

The Shes Gonna Squirt site is relatively easy to navigate. This makes it easy for all members to see all the squirty goodness and high production value of the material inside. Your login will take you to the network homepage. Inside this page are multiple scenes from multiple sites showing multiple sexual action! There are previews of “soon to cum” material as well as the most highest rated ones in the network.

You will move your mouse to the “explore” tab, roll down the options given, and select the squirting site. The list that you are given is also packed full of niches, so that’s another thing you can select. The updating schedule (an update every 2 or 3 weeks) has helped the site to develop some 89 movies and 89 picture sets. 

The flash player is for streaming, and the high definition quality is so that you can truly enjoy squirting niche. There are clips and thirty-minute long videos. There are high res images, ZIP file for download, and other features to make viewing all the material as simple as possible. The material inside has a plot line that always leads to hardcore sex and wet juices streaming out of some tight pussies. They are entertaining and erotic. Your membership comes with 29 bonus sites. These sites are splendid to look at. They cover various hardcore niches.

You will not suffer from lack of material when you join this site. Big boobs, butts, teen, gaping, milf, anal, DP, interracial, etc, are all things you will find in plenty thanks to the bonus sites. There are other things scattered all over the site making it a really all-inclusive, highly entertaining, squirting-mania site that offers a good deal for new members. 

Shes Gonna Squirt keeps the squirting niche fresh and is a really good investment. Our recommendation is that you join this site and have a blast. Discount

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As a human, you can only go so much. Simply relax sometimes before carrying on with work and all those mundane crap. So before you strain yourself to death, watch the best porn from first. Here’s a preview of two of its finest series by my opinion.’s Love nut

During the mid season finale, we have all seen the imminent beginning of the Sex Clash. Producers say that it will be for a spin off and as per the appearance of Manny the Fuck Buddy in it, it still remains a question. Going back to Love nut themed City of Voyeurs, hard core episodes are about to unveil. Clyde finally back on both his feet to create super soldiers using the Muriyato with Lovely Blood doing all the dirty work mean danger at its extreme form. Recently, Clyde was shown to have killed four of Blood’s men who helped in cleaning up his mess. All because she wanted to have sex with them and they didn’t conform because they believed she is dirty. What happens next, let’s all find out by watching the next episode. 

Sex Realms

Ain’t it all crazy? Going to hell and back, going to Heaven and back, going to Purgatory and back? That pretty much summates the story of our favorite fuck buddies who are also legacies to the sibling fuckers, Mina and Janus. Now that the angels have fallen and treading the Earth freely with casualties in every step of their way, will the sibling couple be able to stop them from destroying humans by testing them out as vessels for the purpose of fucking people to spread Angel Disease? Also, when will The Voyeur God really ever show up in this friggin’ series that have gone a long road so far? And oh, don’t forget Cassie having lost her grace and being kicked out of the Women of Fuck Cunts Headquarters. It may seem like the end, but it’s just the beginning of it all. 

To get more updates on these series and access to over 7000 full movies and series, use the discount and subscribe.

Black TGirls Discount


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After a hard day of work, nothing beats a good massage, a hot cup of Swiss Miss Chocolate Drink with Marshmallows, and a kiss from good old wifey. Don’t mind the last part though if you are living in solitude and not really happy about it. But hey, there’s no need to feel crappy and all that, for there is beauty in solitude. There are awesome things you get from solitude. The best part, you get to focus more on your favorite porn series and be absorbed to the different worlds they depict. And just in case you’re missing out on a lot already, let us talk about one of my most favorite porn site called Black TGirls.

How Your Black Mother Met Me

With a premiere back in 2012, How Your Black Mother Met has gone a very long way in the Black TGirls discount porn site, which I so call channel. Amazing enough, it continues to grow in its viewership ratings and I wouldn’t come to doubt that. For one, I am a patron of the sitcom and because I am some lonesome wolf who never really gets to tag along with people knowing for a fact that it just leads me to killing them (kidding, though… more like getting them weirded out), I get to enjoy every episode to a point that I have become a part of the gang that even the nosiest Keena McBlack doesn’t even know. Now in its peak season and halfway through it, big revelations are surfacing every episode. And ted, he’s finally about to meet the mother of his children, the wife he will share his life with for better or for worse. While the characters are already getting old (except for Gina Blacksmith who doesn’t seem to be showing even a tad bit of crumple on her face), the show doesn’t. 

In the latest episode, ready your poppers for there are totally mind blowing truths that prevail. As Smyrna Blackwood gets ultimately drunk, she loses control of keeping her mouth shut and telling exactly the truth of what her friends ask him about. You will also learn what his job is all about and I bet you’ve been itching to know since then. It’s somewhere along the line of free prostitution, where she earns just because people forcibly tip her. Basically, in the show, you will see her fucking white and black guys throughout the day. As long as they have abs, they’re good for her. 

Now if you want to get to enjoy this series from Black TGirls, subscribe now for only 36 dollars a month, giving you access to 3060 full movies. Enjoy!

I Know That Girl Discount


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We have all been pissed at our ex right? So, what better revenge than to post all those smutty movies on a porn site for the world to see! The entire universe can watch her grinding away on top of your cock, moaning in pleasure. Now that is divine retribution! That is what ‘I Know That Girl’ is all about. Or, so they say!

Whether or not this is true, the main deal is that these are amateur videos that have been submitted by regular people, like you and me, I guess. There is something so hot and smutty looking into other peoples sex lives and seeing all the dirty antics they get up to, it is a real turn-on.

When on the site ‘I Know That Girl’, there is a very strong likelihood of you really knowing someone there, like your neighbor, colleague or coed at school!

Only the girls are a lot hotter than those people, probably!

The site itself is a pleasure to look at from start to ‘finish’, if you get what I mean!

Super quality HD photographs and graphics all the way through and plenty of neat butts and perky tits to perv at.

Good High Definition Quality Content

The site is relatively new, so at the moment there is a tidy content of around 300 movies at an average length of 20 minutes and about 250+ photo sets. The good news with newer sites is that the content is of course all HD. Plus, they ensure regular updates and submissions too.

Viewing the hot content is easy enough there are multiple formats to choose from including MP4 and WMV at various sizes to suite your needs. If you prefer you can view the content via embedded flash player.

A Good Mix

The scenes are shot over a variety of locations, at home, in kitchens, by pools and also in cars and by the roadside. So, you are never bored. Some of it is clearly user submitted, which is hot by default and other scenes are done by professionals, that is plain to see. This gives some great POV angles and high quality fucking footage.

There are threesomes, blow jobs, anal and good old fucking to keep you interested and the average age of model is around 25 years old, maximum. These are really ‘the girls next door’, so without further ado, I would highly recommend this site filled with fresh faces and high-end graphics. You are bound to be entertained for hours!

ATK Galleria Discount


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If you enjoy amateur porn, which of course many do, ATK Galleria is a real treat. The difference and main attraction of ATK Galleria is that this is ‘really’ amateur. There are, in my opinion, too many sites out there masquerading as amateur sites, then the next moment you realize that the models are too polished, the sets as well and the productions clearly carried out by professionals. This you get here too, but the girls are the real deal.

The Hot Teen Models

The girls are all aged mostly around 18-19 years old, with a few a little older at around 23. You can see by their photo sets that these girls are for real. How many girls want to get into porn at that age? Probably a sizable amount. This is where a hub like ATK is a honey jar to these young women and of course a honey pot to the pervs looking for amateur young adults.

Let’s Go On Inside.

The site itself has a fresh appeal, mostly in white, with the only ‘decorations’ being the updated thumbnails, movies and photo sets. This is the way we like it. No frills but a good easy clean look with flowing navigation. The thumbnails are so hot that is all you need.

The top tabs outline pretty much the usual, including the girls, the scenes and clips. The featured video today shows a horny young chick being fucked by a machine and masturbating at the same time. The graphics are excellent. You will feel your blood pressure rising as you watch that dildo fucking her wet pussy in a slow rhythm. As mentioned early the girls are amateur not the producers. Here, you can enjoy fine graphics and HD quality while these nubile young things get off for you.

Good Category Selection

The genres are spread over a good few tantalizing categories, including lingerie, masturbation, blow-jobs, coeds and my own personal favorite, up-skirts! The girls have that adorable fresh faced coed look and you can see they are pretty ‘green’ to the industry. Just as well we get to savour them first!

Good Content and Plenty of Updates

Content is great. There are over 26 000 photo sets and an amazing 9000 movies. This should keep you going for a long time. Plus, plenty of fresh updates done all week.

If young chicks are your thing and amateur shot professionally then give ATK Galleria a look at. You will be delighted I am sure.

Anilos Discount


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Anilos is one word that not many people fully understand. According to various sources and definitions, the gist of the word is basically an interesting mature lady with lots of grace and dignity that she immediately commands respect. Now that you know, let’s look at what this site is providing for its members. 

Now use the definition of the word above mentioned, throw in some porn action, some sexy mature ladies, and High Quality production and what you get will make anybody get sexually aroused. The site only dishes out mature ladies in sexual situations. Models receive their own page that shows all the info available about the gals including videos and pictures.

The information you will find inside Anilos will open your eyes and imagination since there is a lot of detailed-info inside. The mature models also take part in more than one scene and picture gallery. 

There is a nice “Video Page”, where you can just jump right into the action, saving time and giving you what you need. The videos are alphabetized according to models. Variety of formats, full length or clips, streaming, and download option for the 1427+ videos inside are available. High Quality reigns supreme inside this gallery. You can find mp4, wmv, mpeg file formats for the videos and a version that lets you watch on mobile devices.

“What about the mature milfs picture gallery?” Well, there are currently 1459+ sets of photographs for members to go through. The High Res images are downloaded thanks to the .zip pack file. Mixture and variety is what this gallery is made of. There is softcore and hardcore content inside. Organization inside is based on various criteria (such as date uploaded). 

Different sizes mean different pixel quality, so you will find large or small pictures. You will gasp and rub your groin in appreciation of the tight, professional, and quality photo-graphical work done by this site.

The “Guest Gallery” acts as the only bonus you will receive. There is a “community hub” and “forum” to keep you engaged and busy. The bonuses may not be something to write home about, but the site does have an anilos discount available.


Ever since we discovered the milf-freaky, sexy, pleasure-provoking material inside Anilos, we really have not wanted to go back. You won’t either once you check out this milf-filled site. They definitely get our strongest recommendation.

OnlyAllSites Discount


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OnlyAllSites delivers quality by the truckloads. They also deliver babes, variety of niches, sites, and huge galleries of sexy content. This sounds like a good deal, right? Before you commit yourself to this network, read this review and discover what you can expect. 

This network offers up 6 sites that have been immaculately created. This means the level of professionalism you will find inside these sites is high. The erotica action that takes place is equally high. Everything looks so finger licking good! The network is made up of ONLY TEASE, ONLY SECRETARIES, ONLY CARLA, ONLY OPAQUES, ONLY SILK AND SATIN, ONLY MELANIE.

The OnlyAllSites network has sites that specialize in softcore and non naked action. These sites show you the grace, beauty, and amazing class that the models have for your pleasure. The variety of gals is good since you will find sexy blondes, sultry brunettes, fire red heads, and so many more. There is a lot of strip-action going on inside and the quality doesn’t disappoint since it’s superb.

The amount of material inside the OnlyAllSites discount membership will make you see the value of joining this network. There are 13337+ picture sets, and 4337+ videos Made by gorgeous babes. You have two options when it comes to the videos, that is, download them or stream them. Old material usually has avi formats but the new action that has been uploaded is high def wmv files.

The pictures are beautifully done so that you can see why we think these are the most spectacular looking gals we have ever come across. The pictures are HIGH RES, and like the movies, you have two options. You can use the slide show or download them using the .zip file. 

The homepage of this network is where things are popping. Here, you will find links, although to get the real video and picture action you have to visit the individual sites. Do not be afraid of clicking on anything inside (thinking that the links will not work) because everything inside works! The search engine makes quick work of searching for material you want. The navigation of this network has nothing that will seriously annoy you.

Some bad news now. Some of the sites inside are not current with their updating schedule. The other sites do pick up the slack since you get new action every day. Impatient members can cool their heels inside the “Forum”, and those who have stuck with this network for more than 3 months can check out the “VIP Only Tease”. This will give them more action. 

OnlyAllSites is steaming and calling for anyone who loves softcore sensuality and beautiful babes. This network is nothing but High Quality from top to bottom. This network is worth joining since they know how to give you titillating softcore babes.

Fantasy HD Discount


40% off 30 Day Memberships: $17.95

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Today, we’re going to tackle a new site in the craft of porn and the main reason why that is so is the fact that this site deserves a lot of merits. Before I jump into the actual content talk of the site, I would just like to tell you that as a new site, this one tends to be exceptional. It does not really have a specific niche because it tends to diversify it contents, but one thing that’s sure though is the fact that it’s a truly promising site in terms of the action you get to see, the orgasm face you will witness, the voice of the lovely moan that you can hear, and the overall bouncy sensation that exudes from the bed. What I’m trying to say is that you will really feel like having sex even though you’re just the voyeur through the entire play!

Have you ever played any Final Fantasy game? If you’re answer is a no, then you’ve definitely missed a good portion of your life, especially with the fact that when you’re an adult already, you probably won’t have time for that. Shame on you! But not entirely because what magic you get to see with the game is the kind you will feel with Fantasy HD. The site is all about magical porn and it’s the realistic kind of that. By magic. that would stand for the love the couple in every video brims with, the ejaculation you get without even touching your penis, and the drive it draws to you and you girlfriend (if you actually have one.)

What Do You Get with Fantasy HD?

For a relatively new site, it’s shocking how it gives you only the best. There are over 87 videos to date and a couple hundreds of photos in the site. While the site promises to update it contents every week, you can enjoy what it currently serves in full action and in HD. All that for the Fantasy HD discount price of only 17.95 dollars a month. And as a member, you will be updated whenever there are new videos served by the creators for you. Enjoy!

Exxxtra Small Discount


67% off 30 Day Memberships: $9.87

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You may think that this world is ugly, but no, it’s all inside your head. The world exudes with too much beauty and the things that tread the seas and landscapes of this world are what makes it. Therefore, the world is beautiful, just as beautiful as a fully proportionate women in the sexiest of ways. Now, if you’re beginning to wonderf if those kind of women really do exist, yes, they do. And, you can get constant confirmation with that through Exxxtra Small — one of the healthiest sites to be at if you’re someone who’s into lovely petite women.

To begin with, Exxxtra Small is a fairly new player in the porn arena. However, it has already raised itself high up the viewers’ ladder with how it tended to display itself and how it continues to innovate in its way of delivering porn to its audience. The creators names are not disclosed for confidentiality purposes but the concept of the site is truly as promising as the videos would suggest. If you’re up to something new knowing that new is always better according to the Fathers of All Bangers, Barney Stinson, then this is a totally plunge-worthy site.

There are only a few sites, particularly in the porn arena, that truly make it to some sort of recognition unless a good amount of load has been prepared for service. One of those would be Exxxtra Small. As to the why, it still only has 15 videos to show it’s audience. However, despite the number, watching the videos will make the viewer feel like a breakthrough has finally been met and that new and better things are to come through the way. That is an accurate notion, because apart from the high definition videos injected with outstanding porn action, the site will start updating more videos in a span of a week or two once it has garnered a good amount of members.

The Exxtra Small discount membership is only at 7.98 dollars a month and if you want to get premium privileges, might as well join the site now.

21 Sextury Discount


33% off 30 Day Memberships: $19.95

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You got to feel a bit lucky when you are finally allowed to enter the members area of 21 Sextury due to the amount of content this website has to offer. There are 8576 videos and each one has 30 minutes each. The oldest ones are available in avi format. The videos can also be streamed using a flash player. There are 8576 photo sets and they can all be saved in a Zip file. This is such a huge network of hardcore sites that you are guaranteed updates every single day.

The latest 21 Sextury scenes come in 7 download options including 780p and 1080p HD. These files are not exactly small but the download time is pretty fast so you can enjoy those crystal clear scenes right away and jack off of those lovely ladies. As expected with big networks, there are websites included in the 21 Sextury discount network that have forgotten to update. It is going to be easy to overlook that anyways considering the fact that there are still many sites that are alive and kicking and they would be more than happy to supply the goods to the members of this fantastic network.

You are going to get exclusive content from 21 unique sites and they are going to get you shocked in an awesome way. You can add in 18 bonus sites and you have a winner of a network right here. One of the bonus sites is Enslaved Gals and these girls are put through a lot when it comes to being submissive. There are 110 videos and each one was about 25 minutes each. The videos can also be downloaded on to a portable device like an iPod so you can watch them wherever you may be.

In fact, you can jack off to these beauties when you are in an airplane boarded off somewhere. If it is a long flight then you know you want to get into some action. Another fantastic bonus site is Squirting Files where the title says it all as these girls get pounded real hard then squirt all over themselves. 21 Sextury is such as lovely site to see for several porn fans.

FTV Girls Discount


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FTV Girls means first time video but it does not mean it is the first time for these girls to go nude. It is actually the first time for them to do something they have never done before in a porn site. For example, they have never got fucked in the ass in another site and that is exactly what is going to happen in here. There are 500 models in this website and the tour manages to include all of them. They have a steady update schedule where almost everyday they either put out a new video or a new batch of pictures.

There are 890 videos and each one can be downloaded into several formats including AVI format that can be played in a VLC player. The videos are 8 minutes each and they can each be streamed in a Flash player. There are 890 photo sets and they include video captures. The pictures can be saved in a Zip file so it easy to store them and move on to the next task.

There are some behind the scenes videos where the girl is posing nude in front of the cameraman. There is this thing called the FTV Girls toy and all the girls were challenged to put it up their pussies. Only a few girls were brave enough to do that as the cone shaped butt plug was big enough so that scared off a few girls. The girls here do amazing things with their pussies that it is tough to imagine how they were able to do that. The girls who watch these porn stars do those things should never try and do that at home. One girl even inserts 12 marbles in her pussy and you know that has got to hurt.

There is a special section for FTV Girls discount members who would like to see bigger photos and they do deliver as the pictures would really take longer to load than usual. You are lucky if you have fast Internet connection as the pictures will let you see every exposed part of the model’s body.

Wicked Pictures Discount


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Wicked Pictures is one of the top websites when it comes to having a collection of the very best pornstars available at any time. This site is full of nothing bit impressive statistics. In consideration of the videos that they have on the site, they have over three thousand five hundred of the top high definition videos on the market. All of these videos are shot in the latest 1080p high definition. They have been filmed by the many of the top models in adult entertainment, with a grand total of over one thousand of the best in the business.

The best way to find the top quality videos is to look where all of the awards in the world is going, and to be sure so many of them are going to Wicked Pictures. They have accumulated over six hundred awards in their time as a web entity. That is another great part about this website, they are absolutely not going to be shut down any time soon. They are one of the biggest names in adult entertainment, so do not look for that change any time soon.

Along with the membership comes a plethora of different positive features such as a fully realized mobile application version of the site where you can access just about everything that you can see on the site itself. You will also be able to get unlimited downloads of the videos that they have designated for release. The vast majority of the videos are able to be ordered and recorded on a DVD if you have the desire to have a physical copy of the videos.

Wicked Pictures also has over forty thousand bonus videos which are made up of all of the videos that have not been mastered in 1080p, and those videos that are not entirely complete. Perhaps the best part about this site is that they have weekly updates available for everyone who becomes a member, meaning that you will never go a week without seeing new material on the site. In order to get a membership you will need to make a choice between the various packages that are offered by the site. For the basic monthly package with the wicked pictures discount you will need to pay $9.95, which is a pretty good value.

Overall, this site has too much to offer to not at least take a look, and is way above average.

Playboy Plus Discount


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Playboy Plus is the next generation of adult entertainment from one of the founding names in the industry. Now, many of you will have fond memories of finding an old magazine or two hidden somewhere in the house, and this website seeks to bring back all of the fun that you experienced out of the old playboy. They have a large variety of niches, including all of your favorites for celebrities and their special models, but they also have a great selection of other cyber girls available.

Playboy Plus has over four thousand different women on the site and they have made over ten thousand different videos on the site, but they mostly focus on the pictures. Now, do not be mistaken to think that this site is full of amateur sex videos, you will be sorely disappointed. Like its forerunner, this site’s power comes from the fact that they have one of the most extensive collections of adult pictures on the web, and they know how to present it. Right now they have over four hundred thousand different videos for you to peruse when you become a member.

The Playboy Plus site also has a full mobile version that lets you take the fun wherever you go, and can be viewed on a kindle as well as an smartphone that you can muster. Perhaps the very best part about this site is that it is completely safe. Other sites can have viruses and other harmful loopholes that can harm your device. This does not happen with the Playboy Plus discount link, they are one of the biggest names in all of porn, and they have a reputation to live up to. In order to join, the site has a variety of options, with extra sales possible for those who choose to register for a longer period of time than a month.

Overall, this site is about average. It has the big names, but the content could use a little bit of work.

OnlyTease Discount


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There are 1741 videos available at OnlyTease and they can be streamed or downloaded through several formats. They can also be seen in a portable device. The focus of this website is on the seductive strip tease in order to get your juices pumped up on what happens next when they slowly take off their clothes. It is a shame that you won’t get to see much pussies here but you will get to be exposed on a bunch of perky titties.

There are 9160 photo sets and they can all be saved in a Zip file. Some of the models even appear in multiple photo sets and you can vote for the ones you like the most. The old ones are not that big but they still look good. There is a model of the month section even though it has been untouched for two years. One cool OnlyTease feature is the fast track option which gives you access to a gallery before it gets released to the members area. There is even an option to buy several of this in the forum. There used to be a prestige section every Friday but that has not happened for quite some time.

The content here is exclusive to using the OnlyTease discount link, so you won’t be able to find them anywhere else. You are going to get two more bonus sites if you choose the standard membership and possibly even more bonus sites if you choose a more expensive membership. This website has got some sexy erotic soft core porn waiting for you and the British girls are hotter than your neighbors. There is also the chance to buy the new videos before they get released to the public. You can be guaranteed that they are going to be good looking.

Those who love soft core porn would love this website so much that they know they don’t need to see some hardcore fucking. The OnlyTease hot girls in their lingerie are enough to get them satisfied. In fact, this website is probably not rated X but more of an R rating.

ATK Exotics Discount


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The design of ATK Exotics can be misleading so it would be better to use the search engine in order to get what you are looking for. The old ones can be divided into parts though. The model directory provides several galleries for each model. There are 4841 videos and 26701 photo sets. The galleries can be saved in Zip files while the videos are available in high def MP4 files. You can search based on the name of a photographer or a chick’s body parts like hairy pussy or big breasts.

There is an advanced search available on ATK Exotics in order to get more specifics on the model such as questions about her favorite sexual position which could be anything from missionary or doggie style which most of us love. If that is her favorite then you can already imagine yourself taking it too her from behind. This is exactly the type of position that gets most girls pregnant since guys enjoy it pretty much so they cum faster than they thought they would.

There are no bonus sites in sight that but that can be forgiven since the ATK Exotics updates come in daily and there is a atk exotics discount in case you missed it. This website has got an exciting collection of ethnic babes who pose as your cock gets hard. There are pictures that are added to the website every day of the week but video lovers will be disappointed because videos are only added once a week. Some of the girls here are so beautiful that they appear in more than one video. That means they do a variety of things from sucking a huge cock to fingering another girl’s pussy.

There is so much action going on as the action is split into softcore stuff and hardcore banging as there is some girls exposed in public and other girls who would love to masturbate in front of guys. There are frequent live shows of the models here and there are even archives in case you missed out on a certain show. It is a good thing they add a bunch of pictures each day.

Haze Her Discount


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Hazing is a tradition that is deeply ingrained in many varsities. Pledges all over have to show their commitment to the house. Sometimes, the hazing can go a little bit too far.

What the site Haze Her has done is to add a “sexual component” in the hazing process. Some of the material might seem mean but rest assured that everything is legal and consensual.

However intense the scenes might be on this site, remember that everything is done for entertainment purposes. In other words, it is not real. This does not mean that you “kink radar” will not be blaring once you sample what Haze Her has to offer.

Sorority gals can be kinky beyond belief. What the pledges put their beautiful young taunt coed bodies through is enough to leave anyone sweating profusely. The site has some well-known faces in the porn industry, jumbled in with new comers who are definitely on their way to becoming porn kings and queens.

Watching the same dude drill the same chick over and over again can be monotonous, to say the least. This is why Haze Her mixes it up. No one should ever yawn or get bored to death while watching porn. Haze Her adds back the “desire and pop” into the lives of porn lovers. You will take pleasure in both the quality of the site and the price of the network with the haze her discount offer.

Movie scenes range about 45 minutes of playback. You get windows and mp4 movie formats for downloading or streaming. The movie galleries contain 47 movies of pledges undergoing sexual torment to become accepted by their fellow coeds. All the movies are in HD quality mode.

The picture gallery has both screenshots and professionally done photos. Pick and choose the ones you would like to download using the ZIP pack available. A small area that the site could work on is perhaps the update area. Haze Her updates after 2 weeks.

Haze Her seems to only house the most sensual coeds with the most ravenous appetite for sexual acts. Exclusive content is a feature you get from this site. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much you enjoy the type of “coed pledge porn” this site specializes in. If different is what you want, try this network today.

DDF Network Discount


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On the internet, there exist many pretenders to the throne. They fill the public with big promises but fall short when the time comes for them to deliver. DDF Network is by far the exception to this type of situation. Why? Its impeccable sites and services speak volumes to the professional nature in which the network approaches porn.

Quality is always a huge factor when it comes to huge porn networks. The sites featured on DDF Network pass with flying colors when it comes to this issue. Some of the sites on the network include House Of Taboo, Hands On Hardcore, DDF Busty, etc. In total, you get access to thirteen high grade sites filled to the brim with entertaining material.

The second issue with huge networks is the amount of updates offered. Members can look forward to some twenty-seven new updates each week. To be balanced, some of the sites may lag behind a bit in terms of updates, but the general trend is new material every week. Users thinking about joining should observe the ddf network discount and take it into consideration.

The 11261+ picture galleries are spectacular and in High Res. ZIP packs are available for downloading the pictures. The network provides you with 11261+ movies, streamed or downloaded in various formats (avi, mp4, mov, flv, mpeg, wmv).

For streaming, there are different bit rates available. What about the cinematic quality of the movies? Members of DDFNetwork get nothing but the very best. This means that video downloads can be found in true HD quality.

The sites on DDF Network cover various niches and offer a huge variety of models. This makes sure that members voracious appetite for hardcore, bdsm, anal, fetish, big buxom, teens or erotica porn is completely catered for.

Click and watch what you want. Navigation on this network only requires your eyes and fingers. Yes, it is that easy!

It may have happened to you, porn networks steering you wrong and offering amateurish services. DDF Network is here to correct this situation. What they have will leave you spilling loads all over and wondering why you did not discover this network sooner.

Mofos Discount


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Mofos is a great site that offers quality sexual material. The site might focus on different niches of porn, but the one thing all of the videos have in common, is the fact that they are beloved by many. Below is a review of the material and features offered by the famous network to anyone who decides to become a member.

The Mofos Network is a high quality mega site that features a lot of quality material. From the creative and freaky minds of the makers of the celebrated “Brazzers mega site,” comes this other incredible mega site full of material to make anyone as hard as mahogany wood!

The best porn networks strive at making sure they update their material as frequently as possible. This is exactly what Mofos does to make sure fresh content reaches the masses. The other effect this has is that it keeps on expanding the Network, which is always a good thing.

Expansion of the network is not going to affect how you navigate to find content. This is because navigation has been simplified and made very effective. Keyword tags, indexes, categories and other handy little tools on the site makes your work of finding hardcore content easier.

Apart from providing exclusive material, the mofos discount presented, the network is also very artistic in the way they present their material. Combining lurid material with creative minds equals a whole lot of sites that are highly entertaining and addictive. The network has sites like Real Slut Party Public Pickups, Mofos Worldwide, Lets Try Anal, etc. The porn niches covered on this network are diverse to say the least.

You get over 1700 videos with the recent ones filmed in HD resolution. All the major video formats are available (wmv, mp4, flash, 3gp, etc). There are over 1500 pictures set galleries that members can download in zip files. The pictures are High Res, therefore you can expect nothing but the best from Mofos.

The experience you will get when you join the site will leave you with a satisfied grin and a desire for more! The hardcore material on this network is at par with all the best adult networks on the internet (and even surpasses some of them). Mofos is the answer!

College Rules Discount


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College offers so much freedom and fun for horny young adults. The parties are wild, the gals are so sexy, and generally, the sex is undeniably awesome! Yes, of course college was intended to be a place of learning, but all work and no play makes college students really horny. On College Rules, the pent up sexual desire of these young adults comes to life!

The mischief that college students get up to can be somewhat attributed to the drug called “youth.” Now when you combine “youth” and “sex,” well the results are simply very entertaining to watch. On the site College Rules, the freshmen, seniors, and coeds are involved in sexual acts such as lesbian, threesomes, orgies, hardcore, and blowjobs. They expose their freaky side and you get to watch everything unfold.

The performers on this site have amazing, well-shaped bodies. Everything is taunt, wet, tight, round, and smooth. If this is the kind of stuff that raves your sexual engine, College Rules is the site for you!

There is a reason why college is such a hyperactive, sexually charged place. Young adults are at the height of their sexual discovery. It is all about exploring, challenges, dares and sex!

The College Rules discount has a completion going on that awards 5000 dollars for the best material submitted. And, while the students submit their materials and try to outdo each other, you will get to view really fascinating content. It looks like it is a win win for everybody involved.

You get High Def videos in various formats including flash, wmv, mp4. The video gallery has over 88 videos plus there is download/ streaming options. The picture gallery is packed with over 88 picture sets. The pictures are clear and crisp, shot in High Res format that reaches 1600p x 1200p. There is zip download option for the pictures and the movies are full length spanning around 45 minutes of play.

You can easily save the favorite scenes or movies, comment, rate and even tag the material on the site. This is thanks to the easy-to-use navigation format of the site. The search tools make searching for content fast and the site is constantly updating its archives of pics and movies. Every two weeks, new content is added ensuring you never leave College Rules!

You will not be disappointed with the kind of kinky action the students get up to. The fact that they look like they are having real fun only makes the content more alluring. They have exclusive material. This means that you might search for coed porn on other sites, but this network is ahead of the curve. The site deserves your undivided attention.

Burning Angel Promo Code


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Use Promo Code: ADULTIXE


Mainstream porn avenues can be a bit rigid and might not be satisfying your ‘itch’ for unique porn content. If these are your sentiments, Joanna Angel completely understands your frustration and Burning Angel is the site she has come up with. Alternatives are always good options to refresh and rekindle bored tired passion! This site is exactly that, and has been steadily growing.

Burning Angel is a community where like minded folks can come together to share and have some naughty fun. There are blogs, forums, interviews, performers information, editorials, articles, etc, all aimed at creating discussion and dialogue within the site. Of course, there is also the video and images section that houses hardcore sex in a number of niches like anal, DP, threesome, lesbo, POV, blowjobs, orgies, and all other manner of content.

Some of the gals have tattoos/piercing and do not look or act like conventional mainstream pornstars. This is not a bad thing for people looking for alternative porn. The point is not to rail and go against the “system” but to create an alternative route for those dissatisfied with the current system. It is not about rebelling, more like being open minded to other porn outlets.

Burning Angel has 1500+ High Res picture sets at 1600 by 1200p, although there is no zip file format available. Also in its galleries, there are 570+ movies that range around 25 minutes of play. The movies can be downloaded or streamed with limitless download option.

The range of video formats include wmv, mp4, flash, and for most of the videos you get crisp HD content with some reaching 1920 by 1080p (Real High Def). The updates are very frequent and the active nature of the community means constant engagement on Burning Angel.

Locating content is fast with links on models leading to scenes they appear in and constant information flow on the various forums. Burning Angel offers much more than just HD porn, it offers you and opportunity to belong to a community of people just like you. This site is definitely different and maybe different is exactly what you need right now!

Sweetheart Video Promo Code


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Many might be fooled into thinking that Sweetheart Video is all about soft-core romantic content. The name might sound ‘sweet’ but this site is anything but soft. The site only appears soft by name, inside is content that would knock out the most hardened porn lovers!

The sole driving force behind Sweetheart Video is lesbian content. Lovers of lesbian porn might have seen some of the content on DVDs like ‘Lesbian Truth Or Dare’. Those of you who have no inkling of what lesbian porn is all about now have a chance to watch what ‘sweethearts’ get up to when properly motivated. Horny, naughty, sexy, gals who want to get down and freaky with equally hot gals is a sight every porn lover should experience in their lifetime!

The unique thing about this site is the fact that they cast only real lesbians and bisexuals super hot models. Other ‘lesser lesbian sites’ will use money as a motivation for the gals to act like lesbian lovers. This gives the content a sort of ‘fakeness’ about it.

Sweetheart Video circumvents this situation by ensuring that the models enjoy what they are doing. The girls will slurp, insert, play, finger, lick, and caress every hole, breast, or nipple they are presented with genuine gusto. This makes the scenes much hotter.

The site currently houses 400+ movies and has an embedded player for those who like to stream content. There is a download option and video formats including wmv, mp4. High-Resolution videos in 1920 by 1080p formats are what you get once you are a member. The HD movies come with limitless download options so you can save what you want when you want.

You get nothing but the best on Sweetheart Video and that includes the 700+ picture sets with each set containing around 200 pictures. As you peruse all the pictures in High-Resolution formats reaching 1600 by 1200p, you can download the ones you like in zip file format.

The site is steadily growing thanks to the updates of videos and pictures. The site does these updates every 4 days. There are bonus sites to keep you engaged while waiting for the updates. Jump on any of the bonus sites instantly once you become a member on Sweetheart Video.

The girls are definitely Sweethearts who enjoy hardcore lesbian sex in copious amounts. For true spirited lesbian porn, Sweetheart Video is the best option.

Playboy TV Discount


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There’s always something hidden beneath that bed mattress. Yes there is, in every boy’s bed. Beneath lies all of the dirty little secrets kept since the beginning of their awareness to the passionate world. And when a boy grows older, he becomes more aware of the different sources he can tap into until he finds out that Playboy is on a screen, too!

Sex and Emotions Evoked by Playboy TV

Playboy TV is one of the best porn sites of this modern era and many reasons can back that statement up. Just like soap operas, its videos come in series filled with the most magical episodes in the world of porn. There are many twists in the plots on how a man gets laid with a woman, and how that woman is actually related to him in one way or the other. Those are some of the best instances you find chance upon through this site’s sex-o-novellas. The best part is when a mother falls in love with her own little boy and later on finds out that he is not actually her real child because there had been a swap kept in secrecy by different people on her background. For a porn site, its really effective in the field of drama, which is a lot better of course knowing that it’s got the sexual contents merged in it! What’s unique about this site is that they offer a playboy tv discount like never released before.

The Diversity

So much for the drama part, another thing I love about Playboy TV is its diversity in it contents. Once you log in, you get to see the many colorful categories that are designed to encompass all the different scopes of your sexual imaginations. It has the foursome bed scenes, the threesomes, the foreplay and so much more than you can think of. One of my favorites of course would be the stolen camera shots because of its naturalness in showing people having sex. No scripts and no shits, all natural and freestyle. Just like how you want it!

Playboy TV features new shows everyday and it allows you to gain full access to all of its explicitly wild materials through a very reasonable price of 9.95 dollars for a month. Enjoy!

Twistys Discount


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Fuck and Facebook both have their fair share of similarities. For one, they start with the letter F and two, they are free and always will be. However, not everybody is able to fuck for the reason that they don’t have a partner, which is an appalling reality for many. On the brighter side of things, there is one great alternative that can bring about a good level of sexual pleasure. And guess what, it starts with an F, too! And that would be the ever famous thing called Fap, which makes the best tandem for a site we call Twistys.

What is Twistys All About?

The site has three main focuses: to provide pleasure, to make singles not feel alone and to deliver the best level of porn. Once you visit the site, you will totally have that rousing sensation looming from within you when you see the new twistys discount price. Everything will turn out to be hot and you will not be able to control it until you relentlessly remove all your clothes, from top to bottom and then rage, rage like a madman in bed. All your sexual frustrations and wounds that stem from the feeling of being alone can be mended with the camaraderie of Twistys!

What Does Twistys Offers?

The site offers a kaleidoscope of the best porn materials that are filled with passion, drama and action. All the contents that you can find from it will always make your cold days and night hotter, as warm as the caress of your fantasy boy or girl. How is that? The answer would be through the 7000 mastered sex videos that you can find and the bonus of 16 thousand plus images that you can find. And what’s the best part? Those materials are the products of 3800 smokin’ hot, sizzlin’ bitchy models that will totally drop your jaw and water your mouth like never before.

Twistys currently runs at a 9.95 dollar promo rate and before that, you can opt to the trial registration so you can get a feel of what you’re expecting to get. Nonetheless, the site is fully packed and fully loaded with sharp videos that are forged to perfection in order to bestow you an exceptional level of sexually vulgar content.

Buttman Promo Code


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82% off One Year Signups: $7.45 per month


Do you have an innate fancy for big, strong butts as they ride hot, wild cocks? Praying for a website with lots of butt action? Well, your prayers have been answered, all thanks to the superb content available on Buttman. The brainchild of John Stagliano, the true lover of ass, Buttman offers you an exhaustive collection of butt videos, each of which promise to give you something way more than you could ever imagine.

Some good points:

  • Access to 20 websites under one banner. With so much to view, there will be hardly any shortage of asses. Each model will have well trimmed asses, parading in front of you in the pics and the videos.
  • You get to serenade your senses with the wide collection of 741 videos. Each of the videos is available in download and streaming options; you can choose to check them out as per your convenience.
  • The content is HD, which makes the videos and pics really awesome. With such realistic content available at your mind’s disposal, what else can you crave for?
  • Each video will see girls satisfying her ass’s libido with sex toys, bananas, or other types of fruits. Yes, very rarely will you guys in the videos, for the focus is solely on the women’s butthole. There is nothing better than self pleasure.
  • If you are faint hearted, then its best not to enter the website. The content is extremely hardcore and some of the videos may contain ass fucks and brutal videos which may or may not suit everyone’s fancy. If you’re looking for some normal content, then this is not the site for you. However if you are looking for a deal, the buttman promo code should suffice.
  • Check out the wide range of ass action in the sets of photos available on the website. You can scroll through 291 photo sets, each of which offer different ass plays and ass action.


While the content and the idea behind the content may tickle some people’s fancy, many others may not think too highly of the ass action. So depending on what your need is, you can check out the videos and the pics so that you know what you’re getting into.

Scoreland Discount


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There is a reason why Scoreland is ranking as one of the top porn websites on the Internet. When you crave for something original, this is the place to be. Well, this was in reference to the content only, not the boob variety. While some boobs will be 100% natural, some will be fake; for many others, the size may vary, so enter at your own risk. Having said this, Scoreland is like a haven for all kinds of boobs; what matters is if you’re able to narrow down on your choices.

About Scoreland:

  • The navigation is a bit of a problem, especially, when it comes to checking out the wide variety of content available on the website. If the navigation can be sorted out, the whole layout of the website will be a porn viewer’s paradise.
  • Check out the scoreland discount and model directory, especially, if you want to check out some of the hottest and the best looking boobs on the Internet. With so many models under each category, there is something for you to view, enjoy and ogle at on every step of the way.
  • Every model has a dedicated set of photos and videos, each of which will feature her in the most erotic position possible, so that you get nothing but the best from your content.
  • There are close to 1500 movies which are available on the website. Each movie is downloadable in different formats: MPEG, MP4, QuickTime etc. Now, it all depends on which mode is compatible with your computer.
  •  A whopping collection of 7000 photos for the viewers to score and review. After all, with such a huge model category, the photos are also bound to exceed your expectations.
  • The only drawback of the website is that there are inconsistent additions to the content which can upset some of the viewers. But rest assured, with so much content streaming through in the existing database, there is hardly any chance of you running out of steam easily.


Scoreland is every porn lover’s playground; the credit goes to the multitude of porn videos, models and photo shoots available on the website. When you log in frequently, you can easily master the website’s layout, navigation and other details so that you are never short of good content, ever.

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