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College offers so much freedom and fun for horny young adults. The parties are wild, the gals are so sexy, and generally, the sex is undeniably awesome! Yes, of course college was intended to be a place of learning, but all work and no play makes college students really horny. On College Rules, the pent up sexual desire of these young adults comes to life!

The mischief that college students get up to can be somewhat attributed to the drug called “youth.” Now when you combine “youth” and “sex,” well the results are simply very entertaining to watch. On the site College Rules, the freshmen, seniors, and coeds are involved in sexual acts such as lesbian, threesomes, orgies, hardcore, and blowjobs. They expose their freaky side and you get to watch everything unfold.

The performers on this site have amazing, well-shaped bodies. Everything is taunt, wet, tight, round, and smooth. If this is the kind of stuff that raves your sexual engine, College Rules is the site for you!

There is a reason why college is such a hyperactive, sexually charged place. Young adults are at the height of their sexual discovery. It is all about exploring, challenges, dares and sex!

The College Rules discount has a completion going on that awards 5000 dollars for the best material submitted. And, while the students submit their materials and try to outdo each other, you will get to view really fascinating content. It looks like it is a win win for everybody involved.

You get High Def videos in various formats including flash, wmv, mp4. The video gallery has over 88 videos plus there is download/ streaming options. The picture gallery is packed with over 88 picture sets. The pictures are clear and crisp, shot in High Res format that reaches 1600p x 1200p. There is zip download option for the pictures and the movies are full length spanning around 45 minutes of play.

You can easily save the favorite scenes or movies, comment, rate and even tag the material on the site. This is thanks to the easy-to-use navigation format of the site. The search tools make searching for content fast and the site is constantly updating its archives of pics and movies. Every two weeks, new content is added ensuring you never leave College Rules!

You will not be disappointed with the kind of kinky action the students get up to. The fact that they look like they are having real fun only makes the content more alluring. They have exclusive material. This means that you might search for coed porn on other sites, but this network is ahead of the curve. The site deserves your undivided attention.

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