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As a human, you can only go so much. Simply relax sometimes before carrying on with work and all those mundane crap. So before you strain yourself to death, watch the best porn from first. Here’s a preview of two of its finest series by my opinion.’s Love nut

During the mid season finale, we have all seen the imminent beginning of the Sex Clash. Producers say that it will be for a spin off and as per the appearance of Manny the Fuck Buddy in it, it still remains a question. Going back to Love nut themed City of Voyeurs, hard core episodes are about to unveil. Clyde finally back on both his feet to create super soldiers using the Muriyato with Lovely Blood doing all the dirty work mean danger at its extreme form. Recently, Clyde was shown to have killed four of Blood’s men who helped in cleaning up his mess. All because she wanted to have sex with them and they didn’t conform because they believed she is dirty. What happens next, let’s all find out by watching the next episode. 

Sex Realms

Ain’t it all crazy? Going to hell and back, going to Heaven and back, going to Purgatory and back? That pretty much summates the story of our favorite fuck buddies who are also legacies to the sibling fuckers, Mina and Janus. Now that the angels have fallen and treading the Earth freely with casualties in every step of their way, will the sibling couple be able to stop them from destroying humans by testing them out as vessels for the purpose of fucking people to spread Angel Disease? Also, when will The Voyeur God really ever show up in this friggin’ series that have gone a long road so far? And oh, don’t forget Cassie having lost her grace and being kicked out of the Women of Fuck Cunts Headquarters. It may seem like the end, but it’s just the beginning of it all. 

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