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Playboy Plus is the next generation of adult entertainment from one of the founding names in the industry. Now, many of you will have fond memories of finding an old magazine or two hidden somewhere in the house, and this website seeks to bring back all of the fun that you experienced out of the old playboy. They have a large variety of niches, including all of your favorites for celebrities and their special models, but they also have a great selection of other cyber girls available.

Playboy Plus has over four thousand different women on the site and they have made over ten thousand different videos on the site, but they mostly focus on the pictures. Now, do not be mistaken to think that this site is full of amateur sex videos, you will be sorely disappointed. Like its forerunner, this site’s power comes from the fact that they have one of the most extensive collections of adult pictures on the web, and they know how to present it. Right now they have over four hundred thousand different videos for you to peruse when you become a member.

The Playboy Plus site also has a full mobile version that lets you take the fun wherever you go, and can be viewed on a kindle as well as an smartphone that you can muster. Perhaps the very best part about this site is that it is completely safe. Other sites can have viruses and other harmful loopholes that can harm your device. This does not happen with the Playboy Plus discount link, they are one of the biggest names in all of porn, and they have a reputation to live up to. In order to join, the site has a variety of options, with extra sales possible for those who choose to register for a longer period of time than a month.

Overall, this site is about average. It has the big names, but the content could use a little bit of work.

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