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Wicked Pictures is one of the top websites when it comes to having a collection of the very best pornstars available at any time. This site is full of nothing bit impressive statistics. In consideration of the videos that they have on the site, they have over three thousand five hundred of the top high definition videos on the market. All of these videos are shot in the latest 1080p high definition. They have been filmed by the many of the top models in adult entertainment, with a grand total of over one thousand of the best in the business.

The best way to find the top quality videos is to look where all of the awards in the world is going, and to be sure so many of them are going to Wicked Pictures. They have accumulated over six hundred awards in their time as a web entity. That is another great part about this website, they are absolutely not going to be shut down any time soon. They are one of the biggest names in adult entertainment, so do not look for that change any time soon.

Along with the membership comes a plethora of different positive features such as a fully realized mobile application version of the site where you can access just about everything that you can see on the site itself. You will also be able to get unlimited downloads of the videos that they have designated for release. The vast majority of the videos are able to be ordered and recorded on a DVD if you have the desire to have a physical copy of the videos.

Wicked Pictures also has over forty thousand bonus videos which are made up of all of the videos that have not been mastered in 1080p, and those videos that are not entirely complete. Perhaps the best part about this site is that they have weekly updates available for everyone who becomes a member, meaning that you will never go a week without seeing new material on the site. In order to get a membership you will need to make a choice between the various packages that are offered by the site. For the basic monthly package with the wicked pictures discount you will need to pay $9.95, which is a pretty good value.

Overall, this site has too much to offer to not at least take a look, and is way above average.

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